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Co-Founders and Editors in Chief

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Isaac Silverman 

Isaac is a Junior honors student at Yeshiva College majoring in Biology. He co-founded the YU Journal of Medicine and Dentistry with the goal of providing a forum for students in Yeshiva University to exhibit their scientific research. As an Editor in Chief, he spearheads the editorial process and directs the editorial board and writers. Additionally, he constructs layout and graphic design for the printed journal and develops the website. Following college, Isaac plans to attend medical school with an interest in family medicine. Outside of the journal, Isaac leads a dry lab under Dr. Maitra, studying oncogenic protein pathways. Isaac is also the Vice President of the YU Medical Ethics Society, works as a TA for the Biology and Chemistry departments, and serves as a Head Resident Advisor. In his free time, he is passionate about conducting climate change advocacy and enjoys playing ultimate frisbee.
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Naomi Fried

Naomi is a Senior Honors student at Stern College for Women majoring in Biology. Naomi was motivated to co-found the YU Journal of Medicine and Dentistry to create a community of passionate writers who are interested in gaining experience toward scientific research and writing. As an Editor-in-Chief of the Journal and the Club President she directs the editorial board and leads the journal's writers. Naomi manages the team of editors and writers and puts special emphasis on helping the club members achieve their personal goals for the publication. Naomi plans to attend dental school with an aspiration for general dentistry. Outside of the journal, Naomi is the President of the Pre-Dental Club, a board member of the Pre-Health Society and has participated in various laboratory research experiences in the US and internationally.
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Managing Editors

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Shaina Matveev

Shaina is a Senior at Stern College majoring in biochemistry and minoring in sociology/public health. As a managing editor, she oversees the editing of paper submissions from the Beren Campus. Following college, she plans to attend medical school and pursue a career in medicine and research. Outside of the journal, she is a member of YU’s women’s fencing team, the VP of clubs on student council, a board member in several YU clubs, a licensed EMT, and has experience in clinical research.

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Aaron "Yitzy" Shaykevich
Yitzy is a Senior at Yeshiva College, pursuing a shaped major in the economics of health and science. He is part of the Upstate Accelerated Scholars Program, where he is accepted into SUNY Upstate Medical School  after YU. As a managing editor, Yitzy oversees the editing of paper submissions from the Wilf Campus. Outside of the journal, Yitzy works in a wet lab under Dr. Maitra’s lead, finding potential treatments for variants of colorectal cancer. He also works for the YU Observer as the managing editor and as a TA for the economics department.


Copy Editors

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Judah Berman

Judah is a Junior at Yeshiva College majoring in biochemistry. As a copy editor Judah guides writers through the writing process and edits their work. Judah plans to attend medical school with an interest in Cardiology and Pulmonology. Outside of the journal, Judah participates in research under Prof. Viswanathan which computationally analyzes protein interfaces and binding efficiencies. He also is the Treasurer for both the YCSC and CollegeEDge, a YU run club which helps students in local schools plan for college and life after high school.

Aleesa Elbaum

Aleesa is a Junior at Stern College for Women. As a copy editor Aleesa guides writers through the writing process and edits their work. Aleesa plans to attend medical school. Outside of the journal, Aleesa is a member of YU's volleyball team.


Website Chair

Shoshanah Ghanooni
Shoshanah is a Junior at the Sy Syms School of Business majoring in business strategy and minoring in finance, on the pre-med track. Shoshanah serves as a developer of the website for YU Journal of Medicine and Dentistry to ensure the online presence of the journal. Shoshanah plans to attend medical school with an interest in surgery. Outside of the journal, Shoshanah is involved with several clubs on campus and enjoys volunteering at a local food kitchen. 


Senior Advisor

Prof. Radhasharee Maitra
Prof. Maitra is currently a Chair of the Biology Department at Yeshiva University and a Senior Scientist at Montefiore Medical Center. Her current research is geared towards understanding the mechanism of action of oncogenic protein KRAS. She is investigating on development of small molecule inhibitors as well as elucidating the molecular basis of the therapeutic efficacy of unique REOVIRUS (double-stranded RNA virus) in KRAS mutated colorectal cancer.
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